A Destination

The Lighthouse Restaurant in Sulphur Well, Kentucky is more that just an ordinary restaurant.  It is a DESTINATION, full of history and delicious food served "Family Style".

The Lighthouse Restaurant is a bright spot on a great drive through the countryside. It was originally opened in 1968 by Babe and Kathleen Porter. Originally meant to be a "short order" restaurant, things quickly changed when customers would see "farm hands" eating good southern style food prepared by Kathleen.  They wanted the home cooked food that they had.  So it began - Family style meals. The Porter's had the business until around 1984.

In 1985, Norma and Mitchell Ervin bought the restaurant. A short time later, the name was changed to The Lighthouse. Mitchell was a farmer, and he would raised a lot of the produce.  Homegrown Tomatoes were a thing people come to expect - Big Ones.  Mitchell passed away in 1996.

Their youngest daughter, Tammy and her husband now own the restaurant. They head a talented group of cooks that make country ham, fried chicken,and catfish something to write home about.

Family Style Meals

Imagine sitting down at a restaurant, and a few minutes later a waitress comes to your table pushing a cart full of down home food toward you.  Well quit thinkin' about it and head on over to The Lighthouse Restaurant where dreams do become reality.

Desserts to Dream of

This part of your meal just can not be imagined, it has to be experienced.  Come on over to The Lighthouse Restaurant and experience the HOMEMADE PIES and DESSERTS that will cause your tongue to turn flips.

Historic Location

Be sure to enjoy the scenic ride to the award winning Lighthouse Restaurant.  After a fine diner stroll across the road to the historic Sulphur Well Park.  Enjoy the sound of moving water as you think about how much you enjoyed your Family Style Meal and Delicious Dessert from The Lighthouse Restaurant.